Digital Platforms

Digital Platforms

We can help our clients accelerate their brand through digital transformation.

Over the years, we have developed a comprehensive set of digital platforms that support our digital transformation projects.

In this increasingly complex world, we provide our clients with the platforms and frameworks  that we have built, combined with a Lean Six Sigma approach.

  • Voice of customer analytics

  • Advanced analytics

  • Applied intelligence

  • Reporting

  • Omnichannel Contact Center

    Omnichannel Contact Center

    Seamlessly integrate and operate technologies to manage channels, monitor contact center and develop agents.

    TP Client
    Unique solution that combines omnichannel customer interaction management and workflow

    TP Observer
    Real time floor management and security monitoring solution

    TP Pulse
    Mobility platform offering real time dashboard, provides powerful, user friendly dashboards showing forecasted versus actual figures for key business metrics

    TP Simulations
    Enterprise knowledge capture / simulation software that enables process transitions through quick, accurate and effective knowledge transfer

    TP Gamification
    Gamification platform for the reward and recognition of successful behaviours and outcomes, introducing game theory and real time recognition on the operations floor


    Analytics & AI

    Apply analytics to interactions and processes, designing action plans based on insights.

    TP Prompto
    Analytics Tool for analyzing voluminous, unstructured text data & providing sentiment analysis, word cloud & more

    TP Recommender
    Analytics platform that recommends Next Best Alternative products and services by understanding customer buying patterns and behaviours using historical data

    TP Insights
    Interactive analytics platform with advanced visualization enabling simpler and faster data interpretation

    TP Interact
    An automated interaction analytics solution that combines a suite of interaction analytics technologies with the expertise of our in-house team to provide accurate, actionable insights, analyzing structured and unstructured data from multiple channels

    TP Dialog
    An Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) solution that combines consulting services, measurement design and deployment, analytics, online dynamic reporting, technology, and change management in a balanced manner to enhance customer and employee experience

    TP Dialog for CC
    A purpose-built contact center EFM platform that facilitates the execution of data-driven action plans, improving operational excellence and resulting in a delightful contact center customer journey

    Intelligent Automation

    Intelligent Automation

    Identify and implement automation opportunities that improve customer satisfaction and productivity.

    TP Automation
    TP Automation Methodology evaluates processes against key success criteria, ensuring that all automation programs align with business objectives & goals

    TP Bot
    Natural language processing bots integrate dialogues in customer chats, solving queries or transactions and handing the interaction to live agents for more complex interaction and deeper engagement

    Automation Capabilities

    • Digital transformation of processes through automation
    • Assisted and unassisted bots, chat bots, cognitive automation with machine learning
    • Pool of experts in automation in Digital Center of Excellence and local digital transformation teams

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